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FileMaker Scanning OCR Demo in 360Works Scribe 4

Scribe 4 - FileMaker OCR Scanning Demo Video

Today, we wanted to share a practical way to use the new FileMaker OCR and PDF integration features in Scribe 4. If you have a stack of paper with information you need to access from FileMaker, you can easily automate this process with Scribe.

In this demo video, we will show how you can scan in a stack of paper and extract the text (using OCR) into FileMaker, and have it on individual (spliced) PDF pages.

What you will need:

*360Works Scribe 4

*Scanning Command Line Tools: Scanline (Mac) or NAPS2 (Windows)


How to steps outlined:

Step 1: Use a command line tool to integrate your scanner with FileMaker (Use Scanline for Mac, NAPS2 for Windows)

Step 2: Import the scanned PDF into FileMaker

Step 3: Split the imported PDF into multiple single page PDFs

Step 4: Use Scribe to OCR each PDF, storing the text results in FileMaker

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