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The FileMaker Training Videos provided by Richard Carlton Consulting are an excellent resource to the FileMaker community. They do a great job of dynamically explaining a diverse level of FileMaker development skills, providing the latest industry news, and showcasing a plethora of tools available to FileMaker developers and users.

There is a complete series of video courses and training products available from Richard Carlton Consulting including popular resources such as "The Complete Learning FileMaker Subscription" and the "Video Training Course for the FileMaker 18 Platform". Additionally, their product "FM Starting Point" is an extremely helpful FileMaker template (updated for FileMaker 18) which works so well with 360Works MirrorSync that Jesse Barnum used it as his main solution to demonstrate MirrorSync 6 at the 2019 FileMaker Developer Conference!

Today, we wanted to share this particular episode of RCC FileMaker Coaches Corner which features the brand new 360Works MirrorSync 6!

As you will learn from Richard and Jesse in the video, MirrorSync 6 brings a ton of exciting updates made specifically for the FileMaker developer.

MirrorSync 6 is strongly focused on server-to-server sync improvements, which can be used for clustering, load balancing, and disaster recovery. This was possible in version 5, but it was not as easy for developers to make changes. MirrorSync 6 ships with automatic file transfers between servers, automatic version updates between servers, safer syncs, better handling of large files, easy migration, no longer requires Java to be pre-installed, allows for unlimited tables, leverages new FileMaker features for faster container field syncs, and much more!

Learn more or try MirrorSync 6 here!