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360Works Zulu adoption continues to gain momentum. We have now reached 2.5 million calendar events synced per day with Google Calendar! This means that there are even more mission critical applications that rely on Zulu to distribute timely calendar events from FileMaker solutions.
Developers like Zulu because it gives users the calendar application interface they expect on the web, FileMaker, phones and tablets, without spending any time building that interface. Here are some other reasons why Zulu is a powerful tool:
With Zulu, developers can support most widely adopted computing platforms

*iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac, by using the built in Calendar application and accessing Zulu published calendars via CalDAV
*Android by accessing Zulu synced calendar via Google Calendar
*Windows and Windows Phone OS, by using Zulu synced calendars via Office 365
Zulu empowers developers with the tools they need to create flexible calendar solutions

*Comes with an easy and robust configuration tool. No scripts to write and the setup is quick.
*Fast, multi-directional syncing
*Support for attendees! Keep every aspect of FileMaker events in sync with your calendar.

We will keep making Zulu the fastest and easiest calendar sync for FileMaker, all we ask from you is to help get us to the next milestone!
Buy or try a free, fully-featured demo of 360Works Zulu today.