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Updating a production database? Migrating data? Adding improvements to a live solution? It can all be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Introducing automated, painless rollouts! Say goodbye to the complexities of the separation model, skip the tedious data imports, and stop risking data loss. Deploy FileMaker changes from dev to prod by clicking one button. 360Deploy makes it a simple operation for you to roll out updated database versions to FileMaker Server: yours, your clients, or your vertical market customers!

What's new in 360Deploy 2?

360Deploy 2 leverages the new FileMaker Data Migration Tool, making the import process extremely fast while maintaining the ease and automation of 360Deploy. Vertical Market solution developers will especially benefit from 360Deploy 2, as it allows for simultaneous remote deployment to multiple servers. Developers with shrink-wrapped software can do a simultaneous version update to multiple client servers around the world… all with a single click. If you've been researching and wondering what the difference is between using traditional development methods of tedious data imports, using the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, or using 360Deploy 2, we made a comparison chart just for you:

FileMaker Data Migration Tool Comparison, Migrate FileMaker Data

Once you press the ‘deploy’ button in 360Deploy, there is nothing left to do. It sends the new version to FileMaker Server (or multiple servers), and then runs in the background on each server, so you are free to continue working, take a break, or head home for the night, knowing that the new version will be safely deployed to users on each server by the time you get back. You’ll receive an email when the process is complete. Skip the hassle of fumbling with files on the server and stick to the “one-button click” of 360Deploy for dev changes!

What Problem Does 360Deploy Solve?

360Deploy solves the age-old problem of making development changes on one FileMaker database and the need to merge updates with a live production database hosted on FileMaker Server. Current methods of working on a live file, writing script imports, or separating files to work can be undesirable, arduous, risk file corruption, or break an existing process.

How Does 360Deploy Work?

FileMaker Developers working on a development file can deploy changes made to their database structure and import the data at the click of a button. It is a hands-free, robust tool designed to give developers a safe and efficient migration process through the following method:

  • Clones: creates a clone of the development database
  • Transfers: the clone is transferred to the production server
  • Imports: data is imported from the production database and into the clone to absorb the new architecture.
    *For large databases, it supports a scheduling feature to run imports overnight.
  • Sets Serial Numbers: Next serial numbers from old production databases are applied to new database version
  • Archives: as a safeguard, it backs up the production solution in archived, timestamped folders prior to import should clients wish to revert back to the old structure
  • Renames: renames the file
  • Resumes: reopens the file
  • 360Deploy Features

    • Update live databases
    • Migrate data to new database versions
    • Import automation - automatically takes data from one FileMaker file and places into the structure of another file
    • Work on your test server and easily deploy new changes to your production server
    • Easy install process - simply download on your server and configure
    • Scheduling feature lets you run the deployment unattended during off-hours
    • Simple enough for users to run themselves!
    • Unlike the separation model, you can keep your calculation fields
    • Less chance of error with scripting imports
    • Easier way to use the FileMaker Data Migration Tool (version 2)
    • Simultaneous deployment to multiple servers (version 2)
    • Handles downloads, imports, file back-ups, and emails you when done!

    360Deploy Requirements

    Please refer to our 360Works Support Wiki: 360Deploy for the most up to date requirements.

    Introductory Video

    Need a brief demonstration of how 360Deploy 2 works? See our video below!

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