360Works SafetyNet Backup Service::Offsite Backup for FileMaker Server

360Works SafetyNet is your low cost FileMaker offsite backup solution. Now you can rest easy, knowing that your essential FileMaker databases are backed up online with secure and easy retrieval at any time.

SafetyNet makes it easy to set up remote backup routines for FileMaker Server administrators. Files are stored on Amazon’s cloud-based file storage service, which runs on the same reliable and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. A remote backup of your database insures that your data won’t be lost, even if something were to happen to your entire on-site computer system.

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to get SafetyNet up and running

How does SafetyNet work?

SafetyNet works hand-in-hand with FileMaker Server. Once installed as a plugin on a FileMaker Server, SafetyNet watches for changes to the scheduled backup sets. When new files are detected, SafetyNet automatically compresses and transfers the latest backups to Amazon’s secure offsite digital storage facilities using SSL encryption. As with any effective, reliable backup solutions, SafetyNet requires no user intervention after the initial setup. It works automatically to guarantee that the latest versions of users’ files are safely stored on a remote server, and will e-mail the administrator in the event of a backup failure (and optionally, on backup success).

Web-Based Control Panel

SafetyNet includes a web-based control panel that can be accessed from anywhere that you have an internet connection to your FileMaker Server. Administrators can monitor real-time backup progress, view a list of all offsite files, download files from backup, and even do one-click restores to FileMaker Server which will safely archive your live files and replace them with the selected backup file.

Pricing - New Reduced and Refined Model!

The SafetyNet plugin itself is free, and billing for the service is handled by Amazon at a surprisingly low cost:

$0.99 per month
No transfer fee
$1.00 - $0.05 per gigabyte stored (per month):
- First 10 gigabytes: $1.00 per gigabyte
- Next 90 gigabytes, up to 100: $0.25 per gigabyte
- Next 400 gigabytes, up to 500: $0.10 per gigabyte
- All storage above 500 gigabytes: $0.05 per gigabyte

Example pricing:
5 gigabytes stored per month is $5.99
50 gigabytes stored per month is $20.99
250 gigabytes stored per month is $48.49
1,000 gigabytes stored per month is $98.49

What does the FileMaker community think of SafetyNet?

"SafetyNet is exactly what I’ve been looking for: in a 5-minute setup, I was able to create a safe and simple way to schedule database backups to the cloud. I’m extremely impressed with the ease of setup and reasonable cost. Well done, 360Works!” —Bob Patin, Longterm Solutions

"I installed this, it works perfectly, and was easy to setup. I can't imagine not using this, given my initial experience.” —Matt Navarre, MSN Media

"Every time I am impressed with all you guys do, you go and top it again! Holy Cow!” —Jonathan Fletcher, New Media Construction Company

"All the good things that you've heard about 360Works SafetyNet is true! It's an awesome FileMaker Server plug-in!” —Tim Dietrich

"If you are running a FileMaker Server you really should be using SafetyNet from 360Works! Take it from one who knows the hard way!” —Sean Walsh

"Looking forward to feeling safer! Thanks for a great FileMaker plug-in!” —Jeremy, Ensemble Designs

"Saw this at DevCon, thanks for making such a simple solution for cloud backups!” —Scott Newton, Parallel Marketing Group

"360Works SafetyNet backup for FileMaker works beautifully. Simple and effective! Well done 360Works!" —Drew Sanderson, RDG Inc.

"Outstanding product! ... I can't tell you how many times I've found SafetyNet invaluable, and this time it was a flat out lifesaver. Keep up the great work." —David Lundgren

"SafetyNet is just amazing to use. I really think [Jesse] and his company are fantastic." —Michele Olson, AppleSauce Productions Inc

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