AMS - Account Management System

This is an enormous project that demonstrates Filemaker's ability to function in an enterprise-wide capacity. This is a complete, end-to-end ad placement system designed to handle the process of newspaper ad placement all the way from copy creation to billing and everything in between.

This system was created for Bernard Hodes Group, the largest buyer of classified newspaper ad space in the world, and is installed in their 18 U.S. offices as well as 2 Canadian offices.

Some of the functions incorporated in the system include:

Paperless integration with production staff, using AppleScript. In fact, since the system is entirely paperless, some of the production staff telecommute from home.

QuarkXPress tag export for ad pickups, which has cut average time to produce an ad from @ 25 minutes to 5-7 minutes.

Extensive, searchable media database

Fast, full text searching of archived ads

Customized client profiles, each with their own billing methods

Creative/Design management module for collateral pieces which tracks vendors, quotes, P.O.'s, time-based billing, and job status history

Fully automated integration with AdStar and AdSend

Extensive billing and reporting capabilities

Integrated FedEx shipping list

'Blind Ad' response tracking

Accounts receivable caution flags for overdue accounts

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