Diana Simonson of Vivaladata has great things to say about the 360Works FTPeek plugin.

Diane created a product called "Woosh" that allows users to quickly and easily upload photos from their phones to their own personalized websites using 360Works FTPeek.

Discussing why she created Woosh!, Diana noted, "I think it opens a lot of doors for people to be able to stay in touch on the fly through their own customizable websites rather than be subject to the compromise of privacy and the advertising blasts that are inherently a part of sharing through social websites."

To make this solution work, Diana incorporated 360Works FTPeek so clients can upload and manipulate remote files on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server from within any FileMaker solution. Diana also integrated 360Works Web Assistant and 360Works Email Plug-in so that Woosh! users can automatically place graphics on specific pages based on the subject in an email.

Professionals on-the-go need to use pictures quickly to sell a product or really capture a story to stay ahead of the curve.

Diana notes, "Think of the implications for reporters and Realtors. As soon as you take your pictures, you can have your photos up on the web creating a new story or home ad." The possibilities for professionals of all fields are endless. Diana used key products from 360Works to create this useful solution for FileMaker users.

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