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Integrate Google Calendar and FileMaker: How to Sync More Events by Generating Your Own Google API Key
FileMaker Calendar

Check out our video on syncing a large number of Google Calendar events with FileMaker by generating your own Google API Key

Being able to sync Google Calendar with your FileMaker events can improve your business workflow by allowing users to access the events they use in FileMaker within the Google Calendar interface. Using 360Works Zulu, you can sync FileMaker with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Exchange Outlook Calendar.

For an example use case, if you have an office that enters many client appointments in FileMaker, the office staff can easily access client appointments from simply having the Google Calendar web page or application open. It even works vice versa. Staff can update appointments made in Google Calendar and see the changes reflected in the FileMaker record.

Setting up a Google Calendar sync is made easy with Zulu's guided configuration tool and our Zulu documentation. We recently released a brand new major version, Zulu 4, so working with calendar syncs are smoother than ever.

By default, Zulu will use a shared Google API Key. If you are syncing a lot of events you will want to use your own Google API Key. As of Zulu version 3, there is support for using your own Google API Key. By doing this, you get 1 million requests per day, rather than sharing it the Zulu Google quota limit with other users.

In this video, we will show you how to set up your own Google API Key with Zulu to sync a large quantity of events:

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