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360Works Portfolio License

360Works Portfolio Bundle The Portfolio Bundle combines seventeen of our most popular plugins and products for one low price to extend the functionality of FileMaker for your solutions.

Featured FileMaker Products

360Deploy is a tool for FileMaker which allows you to rollout development changes painlessly. At the click of a button, deploy development environment onto production server while keeping data intact.

MirrorSync MirrorSync is a synchronization tool that links FileMaker Server to FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro. With MirrorSync, users can make changes offline and simply sync their data to and from FileMaker Server when connected.

Zulu lets you sync FileMaker calendars with Google Calendar, Exchange and iCal. Turn any FileMaker Server into a shared calendar server in a few clicks.

CloudMail sends and tracks emails using Amazon Web Services. It will send a dozen or a hundred thousand emails quickly and efficiently, and track the resulting views, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces.

Scribe is the ultimate text processing plug-in. Use it to read and write text from Microsoft Office and PDF files, find what changed in a text field, and highlight text matching any criteria.

ScriptMaster is a free, general-purpose, modular plugin. It comes out of the box with modules for file manipulation, URL and network utilities, Web Services, shell scripting, event/script triggering, and many others

All FileMaker Plugins and Products

360Works SafetyNet is your low cost FileMaker remote backup solution. Now you can rest assured, knowing that your essential FileMaker databases are backed up securely and easily retrievable at any time.

360Works Web Services Manager publishes your FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services which can be accessed by any SOAP compatible software. Internally, this puts FileMaker on a level playing field with 'big iron' IT systems in a large organization. Externally, this can be used to power public Web Services and enable seamless B2B integration with your customers and vendors.

360Works FTPeekis a Universal Binary FTP Plugin for FileMaker that supports encrypted transfers, scheduled server operation, and uploads/downloads directly to FileMaker text and container fields.

360Works Email lets you send and receive e-mail messages directly from FileMaker Pro. It supports SMTP for sending, and POP and IMAP for receiving. It will also run in FileMaker Server to allow you to send nightly scripted emails from FileMaker Server. It is also the perfect solution for sending e-mails from Instant Web Publishing.

360Works Plastic is a credit card processing plugin for FileMaker Pro. It supports and Verisign/Paypal Payflow. It is also compatible with Custom and Instant Web Publishing using FileMaker Server.

360Works SuperContainer is a Java web servlet which allows you to upload, view, and download images and files from a web server. In conjunction with the FileMaker Web Viewer feature, it is an effective replacement for container fields in solutions which require users to read and store files associated with records in FileMaker.

360Works Charts is a simple and powerful charting plugin for FileMaker Pro. This is the easiest way possible to quickly add bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs to your solution.

360Works JDBC lets you use JDBC to access any database from within FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.

360Works WebAssistant lets you POST and GET URLs directly from FileMaker. Perfect for filling out online forms, downloading web sites into FileMaker, or grabbing an image from the web and storing it into a container field.

360Works RemoteScripter allows you to trigger FileMaker scripts from an HTTP request. This means that you can have web pages which trigger FileMaker scripts, and also lets you trigger scripts between two copies of FileMaker! This is also a perfect way to run scripts from Instant Web Publishing that are not web compatible - just put them on a copy of FileMaker running Remote Scripter, and then you can trigger that script from FileMaker Server Advanced.

360Works AdminAnywhere is a FileMaker server plugin which allows you to remotely administer your FileMaker server from your web browser or browser-equipped mobile phone.


Auto-Update downloads and installs the latest version of 360Works plugins.

SOAP Client is a development tool designed to allow you to view and test SOAP Services.

WooF7 is a free JDBC driver for accessing FileMaker Server from Java applications. Compared to the standard JDBC driver that ships with FileMaker, it is smaller, more standards-compliant, and open source.

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